Video Platform

MR-Solutions Video Platform

MR-Solutions' Video Platform is a cloud-based portal that transforms the
Application and Hiring proces

Our video technology is how we Create Opportunities Together.
Let us explain all the Benefits:

Candidate Application Benefits

  • Put your persona in front of your application.
  •  Meet your delivery consultant representative face-to-face.
  • Interview anywhere in the world at any time.
  • One MR-Solutions video can be used for multiple applications.
  • Secure email approval protects your information.

Hiring Manager Benefits

  • Video pre-screening before calling for first stage interviews.
  • No more wasted first stage interviews – saving you time and resources.
  • One shortlist with secure password access.
  • Instant notification when an application has been submitted to your shortlist.
  • Increase your Interview to Hire ratio to over 70%.

As your Preferred Delivery Consultant
The Benefits to us are simple:

  • We get to meet every Candidate before they submit their application.
  • We realise greater engagement from our candidates.
  • We gain deeper understanding of the culture fit and characteristics of our Candidates and Hiring Managers.
  • We benefit from having one central point for all Candidate submissions and Job availabilities.
  • Our feedback process is unsurprisingly quicker and more effective.

Let us tell you how it works