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What we are offering our Candidates



From start to finish you will be supported by your MR-Solutions Delivery Consultant. Your Delivery Consultant will:

  • Get to know you & your skills.
  • Find out what you are looking for.
  • Prioritise what’s important to you.
  • Offer you feedback via emails and calls.

Open Market

If you are actively in the market for a new opportunity, why not ask MR-Solutions to take you to the Open Market. This will give you a broader scope of available offers if you are looking to spread your wings.

  • We will send you a list of prospective opportunities for your approval.
  • You can make one video for all your applications or make different videos for different applications.
  • You will receive feedback via emails and calls.
Open Market
CV/Resume Advice

CV/Resume advice

We will help you formulate a concise and relevant CV/Resume

  • We’ll assist you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses in your CV/ Resume.
  • We’ll help you make your first page count!
  • Because we understand what emplyees are looking for, we’ll help you put your best foot forward.

What we ask of our Candidates

At MR-Solutions we take the time to get to know you and discover your employment wants and needs. What we ask for in return is honest disclosure and open communication.

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Need help along the road?

MR-Solutions work with some of the most recognised Electronic Component Distributors across the U.K., U.S.A, and E.M.E.A.
We understand what they regularly look for in prospective employees.

Career Journey

What you'll need to Register

If you are looking to work with MR-Solutions, the Industry Experts in the Electronic Component Distribution Industry, then make sure you have the following ready to register with us:

Updated CV/ Resume

Updated documents - CV/Resume

  • Have your updated experience and references ready.
Industry Experience

Industry experience

  • What areas have you covered/have experience in?
    –    Franchise, Independent, CEM, EMS, etc.
Reason for looking for new opprtunity

Reason you are looking for a new opportunity

  • What is your ideal post?
  • What are your career drivers/ambitions?
  • Where are you advertising yourself?
Industry Coverage

Industry coverage

  • Where have you been selling or supporting?-    Industrial, Medical, M.O.D., Automotive, Space, etc.
  • Product coverage.
    –    What products are you most successful at selling?
Salary and Benefits

Salary and benefits

  • Do you have an idea of what salary you are looking for?
  • Are you looking for benefits like company medical and pension?
  • Are you chasing a high base?
  • Are you motivated by high commission?
  • Do you require a company vehicle?
Not Motivated by Money

Not motivated by money?

  • What inspires you?
  • Are you looking for Flexi hours?
  • Is your ideal to work from home?
  • Are you a single parent looking for a position that supports your family responsibilities?


  • Allow time to record and upload your video. Remember this will be your ‘first contact’ representation to a prospective employer. So, take the time to put your best foot forward.

CV/Resume helpful hints and tips...

MR-Solutions has some CV/Resume advice for you

There is a trend in the market place to drastically shorten your CV/Resume. It could be a good idea if you have an uncommonly long CV/Resume. MR-Solutions thinks it is important to give concise and relevant information, but also that you include ALL your relevant experience over the last ten years of your employment.

The first page is the most important. Here your prospective employer can see at a glance what you are all about. Your profile should not just say things like ‘I’m a team player’ or ‘I’m a hard-working person’. Be more factual and mention qualities that can be backed up by evidence from your portfolio.

Point out what separates you from everyone else in the market. What is your (USP) Unique Selling Point? Be able to back this up with evidence. When you get the first page right, everything else will fall into place when you set out your career history, starting with your current/most recent position.

If you need further help or want more advice about how to write or re-write your CV/Resume, we are here to help.

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