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 We partner with the Electronics Industry which broadly comprises three main sectors:

      • Electronic Component Manufacturers
      • End Equipment/Product Manufactures
      • Distributors who sell the Electronic Components to the Equipment/Product Manufactures

These distributors sell products to more than 99% of all equipment manufacturers and offer their customers ‘1-stop shop’ solutions. The largest of these companies account for sales of £10s of billions.

MR-Solutions collaborate with these three main types of Distributors.

Franchised / Authorised Distributors

Franchised Electronic Component Distributors are approved to sell components to manufacturers of final products and PCBs. Some of these distributors are Broadline and others are Niche/Specialist and focus on a specific market sector or product group. MR-Solutions work with global leaders in the Franchised Distribution sector, covering and supporting major OEMs and CEMs in most countries.

Independent / Non-Franchised Distributors

Independent brokers and traders, are independent of the component manufacturers.  These distributors use their supply chain knowledge and supplier networks to fulfil component requests.  They are thus experts in their Solution Sales Approach in sourcing components, often obsolete and no longer in production.  They offer a broad service to most OEMs and CEMs.  


CEMs (Contract Electronic Manufacturers) are contract electronics manufacturers who make products, such as electronic components and assemblies for OEMs. These companies often offer services like PCB assembly by purchasing electronic components such as capacitors, transistors, diodes, and switches.  They then attach them to a bare PCB board thus producing the PCB’s which go into almost every electronic device we use today. 

EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) are specialist service providers who offer assistance in a range of related areas including design, software development, supply chain management, testing, distribution and repairs.

Contract Manufacturing & Electronic Manufacturing Services

CEMs and EMS recognise the need for Service Sales and, to a lesser degree, product sales representation. MR-Solutions are frequently asked to assist them in finding Business Development Managers / Buyers / Account Managers.
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Being in this niche market allows MR-Solutions to have an improved network and a better understanding of what it takes to successfully resource future talent.

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At MR-Solutions we are dedicated to continually building our creditable network of professionals across the U.K., U.S.A., and E.M.E.A.  Our success in networking and resourcing future talent lies in understanding the Electronic Component Distribution Industry, it’s people and its services. 

To maintain our high level of market exposure we make it our responsibility to research our Hiring Clients and our Job Candidates effectively and respectfully.  We pride ourselves on our trusted working relationships

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